Ask the Gardener

Using Grasses in a Landscape

When people usually think of grasses in their landscape, they envision large billowing Maiden grasses that reach more than seven feet tall. Although there are great places for tall grasses, they can often be overwhelming in a landscape. I like to use smaller grasses, planted en masse, to create a neat, orderly appearance with minimal maintenance. Also, we try to get grass planted before the dog days of July so the roots have a chance to establish. This makes it easier for the plants to survive the harsh winters.

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Landscaping for Privacy

Privacy is one of the most common issues my clients ask me to address. Nothing quite says ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood!’ like planting a looming tower of evergreens in-between you and the adjoining properties. The only winner is the person selling all the trees. Landscaping beds that incorporate evergreen trees are a great alternative. Using landscaping beds to create privacy can serve many purposes. Beds can add definition to a yard. They can allow you solitude while blocking out the world allowing you to enjoy your patio. Lastly, the key is that the beds should look so beautiful that no one notices the privacy that was created. Whatever the reason, there are many ways to achieve privacy and make it look great at the same time.

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